I’m not even sure I know how to begin explaining what perspective is and why it’s important to gain the “right” perspective on a subject. I equate having the proper perspective on something with seeing it from every angle possible before making a judgement and then acting upon it. Everyday there are things going on in our lives that drive us to action, but sometimes those actions don’t really fit the situation.

Take this San Francisco 49ers and NY Giants football game last weekend… winner heads to the Superbowl, loser goes home. Well, the score is tied, and the game is in overtime. 49ers defense stops the Giants’ offense and NY is forced to punt. At this point in the OT, first team to score wins the game. Niners are feeling great about their chances, they are about to get the ball back and in great field position. The football flies through the air and into the hands of 49ers kick returner, Kyle Williams. He catches the ball cleanly and heads up the field. A Giants defender grabs a hold of Kyle and pokes the ball out from behind. The Giants recover the football and kick a field goal, Niners lose.

And as usual with football fans and the internet, everyone is berating Williams and using language that isn’t fit to repeat. All I can tell these people is, gain some perspective. Football, although entertaining and enjoyable, it is just a game. Yes the fact that these players and coaches take the game seriously is what makes sports fun to watch and be a part of, but we fans should really chill out. No player should receive death threats for making a mistake, if you can even call it that. It was a great play by the NY Giants coverage team. They were just better on that particular play.

Williams after fumbling the ball away. Photo: Julie Jacobson / AP

Bella watched that game with me, and she couldn’t understand why Williams had his head on the ground covered by his hands after losing the ball. I told her he was very sad for losing the game. She said, “but he can still play the next game?” I tell her, no, if his team loses they are done. “why can’t he play again? He doesn’t look hurt?” I say, he can play, but will have to wait til next year. “That’s still good, right dad?” I say, yeah… that’s still good. Even with Bella not understanding the concept of seasons and playoffs and the Superbowl, she understood, probably the most important thing in sports… you get to play the game. And all that really matters is that you can go out there again. Especially in a sport that doesn’t guarantee any of it’s players a long career, even to the most talented, being able to play the game one more time is what counts.

Being able to see things from a child’s perspective is an amazing gift. Cherish it and nourish it.

Heard about another child’s perspective this morning, 7 year old Owen Shure… he put himself in Kyle William’s shoes and decided to write the young 49ers’ punt returner a letter. Gives me hope for the future.

On – Awwww: Read a 7-year-old’s heart-melting letter to Kyle Williams


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